Breaking the No 5 Food Addiction – Fat

When most of us crave fat, we don’t reach for a packet of nuts or a spoonful of flax seed oil. Instead, we look for sources of saturated fats such as potato chips, or snacks that satisfy our sweet tooth and our fat craving. According to Analytical Research Labs, Inc., when some people crave foods that are high in fat, they are actually craving essential fatty acids and other nutrients from oils. Essential fatty acids are healthy fats that contain vitamins A, D and E, which your body uses for healthy skin, hair and nails. Because most Americans eat a diet that is lacking in these essential fats and oils, your body may crave them regularly.


Breaking the Craving for Fats

Avoid processed foods, and limit alcohol, sugar and salt. Research shows we are increasingly missing main meals and then fridge grazing on midnight snacks.

Ensure you get good amounts of quality EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) from your food. Good sources are: cold water fish – salmon, herring and mackerel, walnuts and almonds, dark green leafy vegetables, olive oil, flax seed oil, cod liver oil, borage oil, evening primrose oil, whole grain foods, lean meats and eggs,

Pre-pack snacks for when you are on the move
Keep some ready-to-eat snacks on hand, stashed away in your desk, in your car, or even in your purse or bag. Include pop-open cans of tuna and whole grain crackers, hard-boiled eggs, fruit, particularly bananas, trail mix, a low-sugar protein bar, low-sodium beef jerky, or protein powder mixed with water alongside a handful of nuts.

Keep the fridge stocked with healthy meal options

  • Have bagels, bread and pizza bases ready for use. Keep the toppings for these refrigerated. If you have the time, leave a “pizza-making kit” in the fridge, with all the ingredients pre-chopped and ready to toss on the pizza base.
  • Stock with a pasta salad, boiled eggs or sushi for a quick meal.
    • Make a healthy appetizer tray with carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, squash, and olives. Combine with a container of fat free or low fat ranch for dipping.
    • Try these: avocado drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, falafel and tatziki, smoked salmon and low fat cream cheese on oatcakes topped with watercress,

If you must have meat, try to stick with fish and choose sushi or fresh tuna or salmon that you can just sear quickly and dip in soy sauce.

  • Quesadillas: Keep a packet of tortillas in the cupboard, cheese and salsa in the fridge, and try this variation on a boring cheese toastie. Spread salsa, cheese and chopped spring onions over the tortilla, then fold in half and put straight onto a hot griddle/frying pan. Toast both sides, cut into wedges and eat with salad.
  • Quick Fruit Smoothie: If you keep a banana in the freezer, you’re never far from a nutritious smoothie. Chop the frozen (or unfrozen) banana and put it into a blender with a tablespoon of porridge oats (you won’t taste them), a squirt of honey and enough milk to generously cover. Whiz until smooth and drink with a straw! You can vary this smoothie using almost any fruit in your house – pear, peach, strawberry and kiwi are all great.

Have plenty of fruit on hand. Apples, oranges, mandarins, pears, etc. should all be to hand in the fridge. Bananas fare better out of the fridge but should also be available all the time. Make bowls of washed and hulled berries available if you have the time. And slices of pineapple, mango, melon etc. make great snacks.

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