Beware of ‘Sexual Vampire’ Foods

vampire food

You want to get your love train back on its tracks, so you are thinking of setting the stage with a romantic dinner – say steak, roast potatoes and a bottle of wine?

As Dr Genie James relates in her book In The Mood Again – Reboot Your Sex Life At Any Age think again – because thatmeal is likely to have you and your loved one “semi comatose on the couch with your pants unbuttoned . .  and not in a let-me-get-ready-for-action kind of way.”

That’s because foods high in saturated fats are not the best when you are wanting to give your libido a lift, she says.

Here’s her list of what not to eat if you want to re-ignite the fires of passion in your relationship. (To discover what you SHOULD be eating see Best Foods For Firing Up Your Sex Life (link)

Foods you definitely should not be into if you want to give your sex drive extra help:

Vampire Foods That Will Ruin Your Sex Life


  1. Fast foods

Drive through meals like processed meats, nachos, or sugary doughnuts washed down with gallons of coffee will make a declining hormonal balance worse and will smother your sex drive, says Dr james. It’s very likely on this diet you will also have a weight problem – and a lot of weight around your middle just encourages more hormonal imbalance in the form of estrogen dominance.

Keep Off the fast foods wagon.

  1. Simple carbohydrates (‘white’ foods – white flour, white rice, white potatoes)

These foods raise blood sugar levels and stimulate insulin release, which then negatively impcts on hormonal balance – once again sending your sex drive to Alaska.

  1. Foods high in the wrong kinds of fat (saturated, refined polyunsaturated, or trans fats)

Saturated fat is found in fried foods and high fat meals such as pork sausage, spare ribs, and processed meats.

Refined polyunsaturated and trans fats are found in  commercial salad dressings, French fries, potato chips, butter, margarine, the fats used in cookies and pastries, and ice cream.

Over time too many of these unhealthy fats can clog arteries and prevent an adequate flow of blood in the genital region.  Some manufacturers are now dropping transfats. Look for “0 Trans fats” on the label to be sure.

  1. Caffeine and Alcohol


Coffee: Limit your coffee intake to one cup a day, and replace it with green tea, another good source of anti oxidants. Drinking two cups of coffee a day may increase estrogen levels and over stimulate the adrenal glands.  (One study showed women who consumed 500mg of caffeine daily (equivalent to four or five cups) had nearly 70 per cent more estrogen than women who consumed less than 100 mg.

Alcohol: Studies have shown limited red wine had benefits for heart health. However there are very complicated negative sexual consequences in drinking too much and too often.

While it can have a positive effect on sexual desire and arousal, after a few drinks sexual response is reduced and sex becomes difficult to impossible. Men have difficulty getting erections and women to orgasm. In addition, estrogen is broken down in the liver. If your liver is over taxed processing alcohol, it will be unable to efficiently handle estrogen, contributing to estrogen dominance.

Red wine has been found to have heart benefits. Dr James’ advice is simple: If you have not started drinking alcohol, don’t start.  There are plenty of other sources of anti-oxidants.  If enjoy the occasional drink and you want to continue, drink red wine in moderation; one 4 ounce glass daily for women and one or two glasses for men.

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