Berries for Better Health #4

Cranberries - Berries for Better Health

Size-wise, berries may not exactly be the giants of the produce world, but these diminutive fruits punch well above their weight in health benefits (and lest we forget, flavour!).

High levels of antioxidants and photochemicals make berries the ultimate anti-ageing foods, packing proven boons for your brain, skin and heart health. They can even reduce the risks of diabetes and certain cancers.

Presenting Cranberries, the fourth in our series on the best berries for your health:

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Cram in the Cranberries

As it turns out Cranberries, are good for more than just accompanying turkey and getting in between chicken and camembert in organic café wraps.

These tastily tangy morsels are immune-boosting powerhouses, thanks to a special group of powerhouse flavonoids, known to their mates as ‘proanthocyanidins’.

Not only that, research again suggest Cranberries help promote heart health as well as reducing the risk of cancer.

Plenty of reason to enjoy them all year round!

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