Berries for Better Health # 2

Blueberries - berries for better health


Berries may not be the giants of the produce world, size-wise, but these diminutive fruits punch well above their weight in health benefits (and let’s not forget flavor!).

High levels of antioxidants and photochemicals make berries the ultimate anti-ageing foods, packing proven boons for your brain, skin and heart health. They can even reduce the risks of diabetes and certain cancers.

We continue our series on the best berries for your health with berry # 2: blueberries.


Beat the Blues with Blueberries

Research suggest blueberries have a rapid pick-me-up action, providing an instant boost to mood and improving mental sharpness, with some evidence indicating regular consumption may even help stave off depression.

But that’s not all blueberries are good for.

These tasty wee morsels have an anti-inflammatory action, improve motor skills, are a boon for heart and brain health, reduce diabetes risk, and to boot may help ward off cancer. Blueberries are also:

  • Crammed with manganese, a mineral energy-booster
  • High in Vitamin K for bone health
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • High in fibre

So in summary, you ought to be eating as many of these delicious blue dynamos as you can get your mitts on. Beat the blues (plus much, much more) with blueberries today!

(be sure to check out Berries for Better Health #1, Acai)

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