Beatles Fans’ Starr Turn

They played  hooky to meet Ringo in 1964 . . . 49 years later what’s changed?

Ringo Starr Fans in 1964

The original 1964 shot from Ringo’s book

Ringo Starr Fans in 2013

The 2013 reconstructed shot

They got suspended for three days for skipping school to greet the Beatles in New Jersey in 1964.

Now five teenagers who were snapped by Ringo Starr from his limousine on the George Washington Bridge that February will meet the Beatles drummer after the shot appeared in a new limited edition book.

After the image from Ringo’s book of their eager young faces peering out of their Chevy Impala was published in the UK’s Daily Telegraph, the 73-year-old drummer appealed for information about where they were now.

Story Finally Believed

And remarkably all five of the now 60-somethings were re-united on NBC’s Today show to reconstruct the shot.

Two of the group, Gary van Duersen, who was the driver, and friend Charlie Schwartz, said they’d finally be able to convince friends of the truth of the yarn they’d dined out on for nearly 50 years – that they really did see Ringo Starr that day.

They will travel to Las Vegas to watch Starr perform in concert and reminisce with him about the Sixties.

Where Are They Now Piece

The Telegraph published details of how life has gone for each of the truants over the last 50 years.

Suzanne Rayot, 66, told the paper:

“When Ringo rolled down the window, we were so excited. He said, ‘Hello, love.’ I didn’t know who he was saying that to – but I hoped it was me.”

Despite being thrilled to meet her idol, she was unable to share that day with her family.

“I never told my parents,” she remembered. “I would have been grounded for the rest of my life.”

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