Average 50 year-old Fitter Than 25-year-old

madonnaThe average 50-year-old is now healthier and fitter than someone half their age, a study has revealed.

It found the average 25-year-old in Britain consumes more than 2,300 calories a day, exercises only three times a week and scoffs 12 types of junk food a month.

But the typical 50-year-old has only 1990 calories each day, does at least four forms of exercise and treats themselves to just one piece of junk food each week.

And while those in their mid-20s have three takeaways a month, the older generation have only one.

Madonna the Role Model

Pop star Madonna is a perfect example of someone who is fighting fit at the age of 50.

Around 4,000 people aged 16 to 80 were quizzed as part of the diet and lifestyle study, which was commissioned by global nutrition and direct selling firm Herbalife.

Neil Spiers, of Herbalife, said: “The results are surprising as it’s natural to think the younger you are, the fitter you are.

“It seems many young people are making the mistake of underestimating the benefit of a more balanced, holistic approach to diet and lifestyle.

“It’s great to think the older generation are showing the youngsters the way when it comes to healthier living.”

More Likely to Walk Dog

The survey found over-50s were more likely to walk during the day — to the shops or with the dog — while those in their 20s tend to drive everywhere. But when it comes to excuses for not exercising, more than a third of 25-year-olds blame lack of time, compared to 22 percent of over-50s.

Seventy percent see themselves as healthy — exercising for 27 minutes a day, at least three times a week, opting to go for a walk, run, cycle or go to the gym.

But the average person still believes they are overweight by 9 lbs and over a quarter of the population are on a diet.

Fibbing About Flab

The study also highlighted the lengths people will go to in order to hide their flab.

Almost a quarter have lied about the amount they eat and one in five have fibbed about their weight. And 12 percent have cut labels out of clothing which revealed their real size.

A sneaky 16 percent have turned to slimming aids without telling anyone and 7 percent have uploaded misleading pictures on Facebook. About a third admitted “binge dieting” to fit into a dress or to look good in a bikini in time for a holiday.

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