Bon Jovi dreads balding

If you are concerned about your receding hairline then you are not alone. Apparently the 46 year old singer known for his healthy golden hair is paranoid of losing them. He is a fan of alternative therapies and massages his scalp whenever he gets time.

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Stay Married and Save the Planet

Staying married used to be considered a social  rather than an environmental issue. But according to Aussie Senator Steve Fielding we should all be staying married to help save the planet.  He told a recent Senate hearing in the Australian capital Canberra that divorce only made climate change worse. When couples separate they need two houses instead of one, which […]

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Hot Herbs for Valentines

here’s our pick of A Lover’s Dozen of Sex Boosting Herbs to add an extra spark to Valentines Day for men and women. For info on where you can find health products containing some of these herbs, go to

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