Alcohol infographics
Alcohol lower ED Risk Alcohol Lowers ED Risk

Alcohol Lowers ED Risk

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Alcohol infographics

Alcohol lowers ED Risk

If you’re a moderate drinker with erectile dysfunction and a well-meaning someone in your life – wife, doctor – suggests you give up the booze and you’ll be right, tell them about the Western Australia Men’s Health Study.

This investigation of the life style and other habits of 1580 Aussie men showed drinking within normal guidelines actually decreases your risk of erection problems.

And that included a surprisingly generous amount of liquid refreshment each week.  Even binge drinkers did better in terms of bedroom performance than non-drinkers or men who drank one day a week.  (Although the study authors were quick to add binge drinking might cause other health issues apart from ED)

Lowest Risk 20 Drinks a Week

The men with the lowest risk of erectile dysfunction were those who drank up to four drinks five days a week. Moderate drinkers were 30 per cent less likely to have problems in bed compared with those who abstained.

Interestingly the men most likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction were ex-drinkers.

Researchers at Western Australia’s Keogh Institute for Medical Research said in their introduction to a report published the Journal of Sexual Medicine: “Alcohol consumption is a contentious social topic and is often assumed to have deleterious effects on sexual performance.

“There is a lack of consensus on whether alcohol consumption may in fact be beneficial to erectile function.”

Alcohol – Bedroom Positive

The study abstract states: “Compared with never-drinkers, the age-adjusted odds of ED were lower among current, weekend, and binge drinkers and higher among ex-drinkers.”

Said one of the researchers: “These findings suggest a positive association between low-risk alcohol drinking and fewer problems with erectile dysfunction.”



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