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Exercise routine dull, boring, monotonous? While for many this might be the standard experience, for some women it seems it’s anything but!


Core Muscle Orgasm – ‘Coregasm’

‘Coregasm’ – so-called due to its link with ab crunches – is actually associated with a variety of exercises, claims Dr Debby Herbenick of the famous Kinsey Institute: biking, abdominal exercises, weight-lifting, cycling, climbing and jogging.





Suddenly jogging seems infinitely more appealing



Dr Hebernick’s new research with 370 Women provides evidence to back the phenomena of Exercise Induced Orgasms (EIO), which has previously been in the media, but supported only by word-of-mouth and individual testimony.

The women in her study were aged 18-63. About one third reported having experienced EIO, and the remaining two-thirds Exercise Induced Sexual Pleasure (EISP).


Non-Sexual Orgasm?

Before we all swarm the gym or local sports equipment store though, it’s important to note the results of Hebernick’s study may be more complicated than they seem.

“These data are interesting because they suggest orgasm is not necessarily a sexual event”, says Dr Herbernick. In other words, orgasm may be about certain muscle movements and contractions, and capable of occurring without sexual stimulation or fantasising.

So perhaps don’t trade in your spouse or partner for a new set of dumb-bells, just yet.



Even if they’re really cool ones


Orgasm-Inducing Exercises

And finally, what you’ve all no doubt being waiting for, Herbernick’s data on the probabilities of each exercise causing Coregasm:


  1. 1. Walking/Hiking – 9.6%


  1. 2. Running – 13.2%


  1. 3. Cycling – 15.8%


  1. 4. Yoga – 20%


  1. 5. Weight-training – 26.5%


  1. 6. Abdominal exercises – 51.4%


And with that, we’re off to do a few rounds of intensive sit-ups!

How about you? Have you ever experienced a so-called ‘Coregasm’? Is it really all just in the mind?






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