Longer Lasting Sex

All the emphasis on “lasting longer” has made a lot of men feel inadequate – so it’s heartening for many to see the results of an international survey which shows on average most people complete sex in 5.4 minutes (not including foreplay).

Sex Survey Findings

The study had four key findings

–     there really isn’t a “standard” measure to judge sexual performance,

–     sex is a very individual matter

–     men DO slow down as they age

–     the wide variation in  sexual performance probably does indicate premature ejaculation has a physical rather than psychological cause.

Brits On Top

The Brits came out on top (so to speak) lasting on average 7.6 minutes, the typical American took 7 minutes, while the Spanish lasted 5.8 minutes and the Dutch 5.1 minutes.

The Turks produced the biggest surprise: on average they spend just 3.7 minutes at it.

In all the countries studied there was no significant difference in the timings whether the men were using condoms or not.

Age Shortens Sex

But there were differences as men aged….  the time from start to finish of sex decreased with age, from an average of 6.5 minutes for men aged 18-30 to 4.3 minutes for those over 51.

The research, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, British and Dutch scientists studied 500 couples aged over 18 in the five countries.

Lead researcher Dr Marcel Waldinger, a neuro-psychiatrist based at Utrecht University, told London’s Times newspaper says the findings indicate there is no easy definition of what should be classified as average sexual performance or premature ejaculation.

PE Taboo Lifted

“The wide range among normal men points to a physical rather than a psychological cause for premature ejaculation,” said Waldinger.

“The results will help to lift the taboo over premature ejaculation because they show that men are indeed different from one another.”

Just why there are significant national differences is not clear and the researchers plan bigger studies and yet more research to find an explanation.


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