Two Minutes All It Takes

Most Australian men love to crow about their sporting prowess on the field, but a new survey shows their love of finishing first has extended to the bedroom.

Despite having the world’s number one cricket team and some of the best sports stars, the national survey reported in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph found more than half of men last only two minutes in the sack.

The research by a men’s health company offering treatments for sexual dysfunction, found a staggering 57 per cent of Australian men had suffered from premature ejaculation.

Like Heinz Soup Ad

And the two-minute statistic throws an interesting light  of truth on the YouTube Heinz speedy soup ad, which features a couple having nookie for a mere two minutes – all the time needed for the woman’s soup to warm up.

“Premature ejaculation is the most common male sexual disorder, and while it particularly affects young men, it can also manifest itself in men of all ages, including those who have enjoyed a healthy sex-life for years,” a spokesperson for the company said.

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