Talkback Host Farewelled

timBusinessman Peter Leitch lost thousands of dollars gambling with radio talkback host Tim Bickerstaff before he decided to stop shelling out cash on lost bets and start buying radio advertising on Bickerstaff’s Sportsline, the man Tim dubbed ‘The Mad Butcher’ said at Bickerstaff’s funeral.

Tim died of a massive heart attack at his Whitianga home on Halloween Night (October 31st) 2009.

Peter joked “I had to get a second job to pay Tim – true story,” but the gamble paid off.  “The Mad Butcher” went on to become a multi millionaire with his 34-store meat franchise and he made a life-long friend of the controversial radio host.

Promoting Herbal Ignite

Peter said that when a few years ago Tim rang “and asked if I would do an ad for him for Ignite, (Tim’s men’s sex tonic Herbal Ignite) I said ‘Yes I’ll do it’ and I didn’t even charge him, that’s how dumb I was. Now everywhere I go friends ask “How’s the old whistle mate, things going all right? And I don’t even use the stuff!”

Tim was farewelled by friends and family at a service at the Manukau Memorial Gardens in Auckland, with former All Black Grahame Thorne as celebrant.

Tim’s former boss at Radio i, Gordon Dryden said Geoff Sinclair and Tim Bickerstaff were the best ever pairing on radio. No one had the magic chemistry they had. “He was a great entrepreneur .. .  One day he came to me and said he was going to change his name by deed poll to Jim Beam so he could call his show the Jim Beam Show to get around government regulations on alcohol advertising.

He Changed the Rules

“He was one of the people who changed the rules of the game (in radio) and changed sport for the better.”

Bob Fisher, the Observer and Guardian yachting correspondent, and BBC cricket commentator Henry Blofeld gave recorded tributes to the man Fisher described as a “colossal talent.”

Their comments were echoed in an obituary by sports writer Phil Gifford in the Sunday Star-Times.

Said Phil: “There had never been a broadcaster like Tim Bickerstaff before he hit his stride, and nobody has matched him since.”

Tim’s Herbal Ignite business is a lasting legacy to the man who always thought outside the square.

He was confident that the company he founded 13 years before was strongly positioned to continue and grow into the next decade. And continue it will, on a very sound base of sales from direct marketing in New Zealand and overseas via the Internet and radio.

For the past two years Tim has been fully in support of his company Happy Families business strategy to launch Herbal Ignite as a truly international men’s health product, selling in Australia, the US and Asia with the same success it has enjoyed in New Zealand.

Tim was fully engaged in these plans and was excited about the prospects for Herbal Ignite, because he knew better than many men from personal experience how demoralising erectile dysfunction could be.

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