Good Sex Reduces Job Stress

Intimacy Reduces Job Strain on Male Sexual Health

Can a couple’s intimacy offset the negative impact of job stress on male sexual health issues? A new study seems to suggest so.


Strong Relationships Protect Male Virility

New research from the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) suggests a couple’s relationship health can inoculate male sexual health against the negative impact of job-related stress. The landmark study provides some of the most compelling evidence yet for the importance and real significance of relationship health on broad sexual health, especially in men.

Of course, this has long been an established wisdom amongst sexual health therapists and counsellors. Sex is obviously more than pure mechanics, and few things have the capacity to impact on our psychological and emotional states than our relationships, especially our romantic relationships, our significant others.

It’s just that until this point the scientific data to support the wisdom has been scanty.

Link Between Job Stress and Male Sexual Health?

The evidence for the general link between job-related stress and men’s sexual difficulties has been similarly lacking.

The recent research published in the ISSM aimed to remedy both these situations. It was conducted with over 2000 men, from Portugal, Norway and Croatia. Measures were taken of the men’s job difficulties, sexual health difficulties and relationship factors.

The results indicated an association between job stress and male sexual health concerns. Interestingly though, the findings seemed to suggest that negative mood was the common factor behind both job and sexual difficulties, and that emotional support, in particular intimacy with their partner and positive fatherhood experiences, was shown to significantly reduce the risk of sexual health problems due to job stress.

Or in other words, strong, positive romantic and parental relationships are powerful protective factors against external stressors.

What’s your opinion?

Can something as simple as couple intimacy and paternal experiences really intercede against the negative effects of job stress on sexual health? Is the importance of general relationship for men’s health not given enough credence by the medical establishment? Let us know your thoughts, we love to hear your opinion!


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  • Hello Jamie, this is Jhon who is a sexual health enthusiast. Good sexual activity can really remove the work stress, which is my own daily experience. Every time with pleasure sex life with my women, and then take a half hour rest and then with a hot shower. My whole body will just like refreshed.

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