Add Thirty Years to Your Life

Add Thirty Years

Want to live a long, happy life? Well you’re not the only one! Believe it or not, a whopping 70% of your lifespan is determined by lifestyle and environment factors. Presenting, nine great health tips that can add up to an extra thirty years of life!


Longevity Tip # 1 – Eat Antioxidants for Five More Years

There’s plenty of great antioxidant sources to please everyone, from healthily natural options like berries, leafy greens, garlic and nuts, to decadent delights like red wine and chocolate. Just be sure to take the last two in moderation!


Longevity Tip # 2 – Don’t Smoke and Get another Five

As if you needed any more reasons, non-smokers on average live an extra five years compared with their smoking counterparts.

As well as being a cause of a range of nasty cancers and heart disease, smoking will additionally stain your teeth yellow, turn your skin to leather, make your voice sound like a rasp and even cause erectile dysfunction. In other words, chances are good you won’t exactly be a hit with the opposite sex.


Longevity Tip # 3 – Forgo Fast Food, Live a Further Four Years

Fast Food

Basically folks, if you hadn’t figured it out already, all that cholesterol, saturated fats, trans fats, hydrogenated vegetable fats, salt, MSG, and general processed food is… bad for you. Surprise, surprise. Cut them from your diet and earn an extra four years for your efforts.


Longevity Tip # 4 – Lose the Gut and Gain Three Years

Not only will you look and feel great, but even moderate weight loss can have a big impact on your health. And being significantly overweight can raise your risk of early death by 20-40%.


Longevity Tip # 5 – Get Married for a Further Three


There’s a horde of research now showing married folks are generally happier and healther. How come? Because there’s typically more taking care of each other, more heart-warming nurturing and affection in marriages compared with other relationships and being single. It’s also possible having another person by your side to motivate you to do the things you need to do helps too.


Longevity Tip # 6 – And Get Moving for Three More

Yes, exercise. Everyone’s favourite past-time.  In all seriousness though, simply jogging for thirty minutes a day, five days a week can add 3-4 years of life. Even just walking for half an hour five days a week can add three years, so no excuses folks.


Longevity Tip # 7 – Omega Boost = Three Years Bonus

Omega 3 Fish

Chow down twice a week on wild fish high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Your best options are Salmon, Herring, Mackerel and Sardines. Eating an Omega 3 rich diet not only decreases your risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementias, but also helps cut down on triglyceride levels and inflammation.

Translation: it keeps your heart and head healthy. Which is generally considered a plus.


Longevity Tip # 8 – Regular Sex for Yet another Three Years

As if you needed an excuse! But yes, sex two-three times a week has been shown to decrease your risk of both heart disease and stroke.

It not only burns around two hundred calories per session, but also boosts levels of helpful hormones and decreases levels of unhelpful nasties into the bargain too.


Longevity Tip # 9 – Floss Yourself an Extra Year

Yes, that’s right. Humble flossing can gain you an extra year too. How, exactly?

Well in a nutshell, gum inflammation has been linked with heart disease risk. Keep your gums healthy it seems and you’ll keep your heart healthy too.


Your Thoughts on Lifestyle and Longevity? Well, that’s our list of longevity enhancements, yielding a grand total of thirty years. What are your favourites that we’ve missed? Let us know, we love to hear your opinions.


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